Connecting with care.

Caring without Boundaries
The Light of Kimberly’s founder and its Board of Directors have been in the field of social work for many years. They have worked with specialized populations providing supportive services in various county and community agencies. Their passion and motivation are to help families and individuals navigate complex systems. Each individual team member has an area of knowledge and expertise. While some members focus on outreach; others perform direct service, the remainder advocate to make changes systematically through policy and legislature.

Our Board Members

  • Kimberly Doubt
    Kimberly Doubt
  • Jill M. Brant, Esq
    Jill M. Brant, Esq
  • Krista Tucker
    Krista Tucker
  • Debra McClung
    Debra McClung
  • Stephanie Hill
    Stephanie Hill
  • Darah Doubt-Boulware
    Darah Doubt-Boulware
  • Lytia Brock
    Lytia Brock

Here to Help
You are not alone. For immediate support, please contact us.

If you or someone you know want assistance, please call 1-833-LIV-SAFE. Resource Navigators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer support in your time of need.

mother and baby