Welcome to Light of Kimberly

Light of Kimberly seeks to improve lives through the provision of compassionate, person-centered services and supports. We strive to empower survivors to live healthy, independent lives free from violence and abuse.

The Light of Kimberly was founded in 2015 by our President and CEO, Kimberly Doubt. As a survivor of domestic abuse, she knows what it’s like to feel unsafe in your own home. A social worker herself, Kimberly discovered in seeking refuge after a violent episode, barriers in accessing shelters and services. She found that with six children fleeing an abusive situation, she was ineligible for traditional emergency shelters due to the number of children she had, their ages, and their genders.

It was at that time the Light of Kimberly was conceptualized. The Light of Kimberly is the organization to provide support and services to victims of any type of dangerous encounter, abuse, or violence and serve as a safe haven regardless of status, gender, and/or age of their dependent(s).

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Hope. Restored.Our Services

We offer a broad range of services in an effort to end abuse and violence. We provide case management and advocacy, as well as re-housing solutions to victims of domestic violence and their children. We also extend our services to individuals with disabilities, mental health disorders, and substance abuse issues. With our services, we aim to restore happiness and hope, leading to self-sufficiency and self-worth.


How You Can Take Action

Help us rebuild lives, one person and family at a time. Get involved through sponsorship, volunteerism, and advocacy. Abuse and domestic violence can come to an end. You can help. Start now.

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Our Mission Statement

With light and love, the Light of Kimberly has a mission to address the unmet needs of victims affected by violence and abuse while restoring health, happiness, and hope leading to self-sufficiency and self-worth.


Did You Know?

  • Women with a physical or intellectual disability are twice as likely to experience domestic violence – US Department of Health & Human Services Office of Women’s Health
  • Women with severe mental illness are 2 to 3 times likely to suffer domestic violence – US Department of Health & Human Services Office of Women’s Health