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Signs Or Confirmation Of An Abusive Relationship

 Woman is crying while her husband is calming
When you know you are in an abusive relationship, it’s time to put it to an end. It won’t be easy to break up with someone who is abusive. Often, they are capable of creating mental conditioning that you are the one who misinterpreted their “caring” gestures. While breaking up with someone abusive, they will deceive you and make you think you have gotten them all wrong.

They will justify their anger and attitude towards you, saying that you deserve it because of the way you act. As such, the response you get from them is but a mere reflection of your own “toxicity.” It’s easy to get carried away with their reasoning, especially if you aren’t sure for yourself if you should consider them abusive. However, a vital component of abuse is that it is often internalized by the victim. To keep yourself away from harm, here are sure confirmations that you are dating an abuser:

  1. Constantly being monitored; you must account for all of your time spent away from your partner.
  2. The overprotection or concern has turned to extreme jealousy, he expresses it openly, even in a
  3. You dress to please your partner, your style, or lack thereof, hair or makeup has
  4. Begins to criticize you constantly, starts to put you down; being cruel while teasing;calls you names or gives degrading nicknames.
  5. Plays mind games such as hiding your keys, wallet,or purse.
  6. Has an illness or crisis when it’s time for you to do something that doesn’t involve
  7. Threatens suicide, threatens you, orthreatens to harm your pets and loved ones.
  8. Shares stories of how he has harmed people, exes, exes exes, and other people in general.
  9. You find yourself walking on eggshells; you watch what you say and how you say it; you’re afraid of your partner, afraid to upset him, afraid to leave, and you feel stuck.
  10. You are no longer permitted to spend time with family friends; not letting you leave the house.
  11. Your money is being monitored or you no longer have control over finances.
  12. Constantly checking your phone; wants access to your phone and answers your phone without
  13. Is confrontational with your kid’s father’s or exes.
  14. Loses temper often, gets physical, punches walls, breaks things,mugs, pushes, and grips you; holds you against you will.
  15. Your feelings or opinions don’t matter and they are rarely acknowledged.
  16. Has periods time where he’ll go MIA;if living together, he won’t come home.
  17. Blames you for all the problems in the relationship; you believe you are the cause of all the problems in the
  18. Has publicly embarrassed you; threatens to share intimate photos or videos; threatens to tell your job about your “drug use.”
  19. An increase in alcohol or drug use; forced to use drugs and alcohol.
  20. Comes to your job or school unannounced.
  21. Attempts to or successful at turning people against you;convinces people you are “crazy” including parents, siblings, and children.
  22. Forces you to have sex or do things that make you uncomfortable,including inviting others into the bedroom.
  23. Stops having sex or acts as if he is not satisfied sexually.
  24. Sharing intimate details of your sex life in front of people.
  25. Manipulating your birth control or trying to get you pregnant.
  26. Preventing pregnancy or forcing abortion;physically harming you to induce miscarriage.
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